Graveyard Website Update

The website is almost to the point now that I am no longer embarrassed by it. Here are some improvements made recently:

  • Changed the URL/Domain to I did this to be consistent with the fact that the traditional terminology for burial places on church property is “graveyard” rather than “cemetery.” Also, the URL is very similar to and may be easier to remember and give to inquirers.
  • Identified almost all of the illegible markers by being able to match up a few visible words with words in the WPA listings. I think there are only two remaining un-identified. There are, however, seventeen epitaphs recorded by the WPA workers for which we have not found markers. Clearly some have been destroyed or stolen or have disintegrated in the last 80 years.
  • I have resolved most of the inconsistencies among the alphabetical listing of deceased, the 2020 photos of markers/epitaphs, and the alphabetical listing of WPA epigraphs.
  • Worked on size consistency of the images on the various pages to improve the look.
  • Got a better photo of the graveyard for the home page photo.
  • Reduced the size of many of the 2020 photos and shifted the emphasis from epigraphs to photos of the total marker in order to make them easier to recognize and find. There is more of this to be done but fairly low priority. There may be a long term photo improvement effort.
  • Added some instructions on how to deal with the admittedly awkward files of 2020 photos and WPA epigraphs. There seems to be no easier way to make two sets of 300 to 400 photos easily accessible. After making sure the files are in A to Z order and not Z to A order, click on the first one, AAA INSTRUCTIONS AAA, to get the information. To try it, go HERE.
  • Added some more pages based on family names. That will probably be the most interesting to the most people and may get half or so of the deceased. It will just miss lots of folks with no information but name and date of death. There are some interesting family stories buried along with the deceased, I suspect.

Also, a work in progress is production of a narrated Power Point tour of the graveyard which may increase interest. It will be just ten or fifteen minutes and will point out some of the more interesting information about the graveyard.

So, take a look while you are here and send me any observations, questions, comments, errors, information, etc. you may have. Comments can be added at the end of this post or email me:

Thanks for your interest.




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