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Current Photos
WPA Epitaphs, Alphabetical
WPA Epitaphs, As Published
List of Deceased
Graveyard Map

Current Photos

All the markers in the cemetery have been photographed in 2020 and are online listed alphabetically by last name. Many markers that have several names are filed under each of the names. To go to the photos, click HERE.

WPA Raw Data – 1936

The cemetery inscriptions collected by the WPA in 1936 are available at the South Caroliniana Library on the campus of The University of South Carolina. A pdf copy of that list was obtained from the library and is posted here: 1936 WPA Epitaphs. E79

WPA Epitaph Snips Alphabetized

To simplify finding what the WPA recorded in 1936 as cemetery epitaphs, screen shots of individual epitaphs were taken and are arranged alphabetically by last name of the deceased at THIS LINK.

Deceased Listing with Data

A PDF spreadsheet with all 420 names of the deceased and data including dates of birth and death, age at death, location in the cemetery, whether available for photography, whether on the WPA list, and places of birth and death is here: Deceased Listing April 7 2020

Graveyard Map/Grid

A map of the cemetery divided into grids of approximately 20 ft. x 20 ft. is provided to assist in finding grave markers. The Deceased Listing above includes the coordinates of markers that have been identified. To go to the map, click HERE.