2020 Photos

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Current Photos
WPA Epitaphs, Alphabetical
WPA Epitaphs, As Published
List of Deceased
Graveyard Map

2020 Photos Explanation

At the link below are current photos of the markers in the graveyard in alphabetical order by name of deceased. There are several that begin with ZZZ which means we are not yet successful in reading the inscriptions and determining the name of the deceased. Work on that is continuing, and updates will be entered as available.

If you open the file and find ZZZ’s at the top, it is in reverse alphabetical order. Click on the “reverse sort direction” arrow by “Names,” and the correct order will be restored.

Also, you have the option of viewing icons or a simple list. The first file called “AAA INSTRUCTIONS  AAA” explains how to switch from one view to the other. Click on that file to open and read it.

Click HERE for the current photos.