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Burials Alphabetical Explanation

This alphabetical listing of all the known burials in the St. Peter’s Graveyard is the place to begin any search for the grave or epitaph of a particular person. The entire document is the PDF linked at the end of this page, but the screen shot below is shown just as a sample for orientation and how to use the document. The full document list names of 400 deceased persons. Here explained are what the column heads mean:

Photo: “OK” if we have located the marker and posted a picture HERE. “Missing” if we have not been successful in locating the marker.

WPA#: Information on markers that were present in 1936 and not accidentally overlooked by the WPA workers was published and is on file at the South Caroliniana Library on the campus of the University of South Carolina. They were published in a sort of geographical order as the workers  proceeded through the graveyard. To simplify locating particular epitaphs, the entries were numbered with the numbers found in this column. The WPA epigraphs are shown alphabetically HERE. The WPA raw data are HERE.

GRID: The approximate location on the grid map of the cemetery published on this website.

DOB/DOD: Self explanatory but just years noted. Many markers give month and day of death. Birth information is missing from most. Age is calculated from (YOD-YOB) so may be off by a year or so. Some markers say a person died in the nth year of life. In those cases, the age is listed as (n-1).

Here is the link to the PDF: Deceased Listing June 21 2020