Mildred Lucille Emlyn (and Her Uncles)

One marker that was missed by the WPA in 1936 and was difficult to read even this year because it was partially buried is that of Mildred Lucille, Daughter of ???

This week Bruce uncovered the inscription so it could be read, and this is what we found. “Mildred Lucille / Daughter of W. N. & W Emlyn / Born September 23, 1897 Died September 16, 1899.” Another sad story of young death.

A search on reveals that W. N. was William Nelson Emlyn (1867 – 1919) and W. was Willa A. Arnold Emlyn about whom we have no information.

We also learn that Grandma was Mary Agnes Forde who had two brothers who are buried in the same Graveyard. They are Edwin L. Forde (1844 – 1921) and Father Lewis Emmett Forde, Assistant Pastor at St. Peter’s in 1904.

And, Mildred Lucille was the first born of four children of William and Willa. This is a screen shot from

There must be many interesting family connections in the graveyard.

In the chart below, the yellow highlighting indicates burial in the St. Peter’s Graveyard.

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