Graveyard Map

Cemetery Grid Diagram

Dimensions of the fenced graveyard are approximately 280 ft. x 104 ft. Grid squares on this diagram are approximately 20 ft. by 20 ft. except for those at row 10 at the western end of the graveyard. A10, B10, C10, D10, and E10 run all the way to the west end of the cemetery. Also, Column E width is ~24 ft. rather than 20 ft.

Gravestone locations are approximated by coordinates on this grid, B9 and E6 labeled as examples. A stone with location C7 will be located within or on the borders of square C7. Since grid lines cross some graves, and since there is some judgment required in defining the locations, graves may be within or on the borders of section specified or even slightly over in an adjacent section.

Most markers in A0 and E0 are east of the fenced area and close to or inside the church.

Grid Map Short Apr 8

In the diagram below are most of the last names of persons who were buried in the graveyard, the coordinates showing the approximate location of the graves.


Here is a pdf version that can be downloaded: Grave Locations Jan 2023