There are five McIntosh’s buried in this graveyard and one other mentioned. Those buried here are highlighted in bold print and in order of date of birth.  Mentioned but apparently buried elsewhere is patriarch John Stewart McIntosh.

John Stewart McIntosh (1834 – ?) Buried elsewhere.
Ann McIntosh ( 1834 – 1874), wife of John Stewart McIntosh
John Richard McIntosh (1859 – 1934), son of John Stewart & Ann McIntosh
Lillie McIntosh Gladney (1861 – 1923), daughter of John Stewart & Ann McIntosh
Anna T. Mahony McIntosh (1860-1954), wife of John Richard McIntosh
John McKenzie McIntosh (1895 – 1916), son of John Richard and Anna T. Mahony McIntosh

Searches in indicate that John Stewart McIntosh and Ann Callahan McIntosh were the parents of John Richard McIntosh who died 8/10/1934 and was buried in the St. Peter’s Church graveyard. His death certificate indicates that both parents were born in Columbia, SC, although other documents indicate that John Stewart McIntosh immigrated from Scotland and Ann Callahan from Ireland. Ann only lived to about age 40. We have not found when John Stewart died or where he was buried.

The 1860 Census shows John McIntosh, age 29, and Ann McIntosh, age 26, living in Columbia, SC with two children, Grigger, age 2, and John, age 1. This suggests Ann’s date of birth was 1834 and John’s date of birth was 1831. Well, that is at least close to other documentation.

John, age 1, would have been John Richard (1859 – 1934), mentioned in a previous paragraph. John Richard McIntosh married Anna Theresa Mahoney, and their son, John McKenzie McIntosh, was killed in action in France during WWI. His epitaph: If I fall in battle it is God’s will. I will go down fighting to the best of my ability for God and my country and thinking of God and You, my Mother. Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Lillie McIntosh, daughter of John Stewart and Ann Callahan, married James Shields Gladney who died in Atlanta and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

The diagram below has all these individuals on a timeline from the 1830s.