Markers and Epitaphs (N – R)

Niernsee, John

Norton, Catherine and John P.

O’Callaghan, M B

O’Connell, Anne Wray

Note the WPA workers failed to record the last name, “O’Connell.”

O’Connell, Annie our Sister

O’Connell, Joseph D. and Julia
(Apparently siblings)

O’Connell, L. A.

O’Connell, Mary (Elizabeth?)

O’Connell, Michael


O’Connell, Patrick (1858)

O’Connell, Patrick (1845 – 1875)

O’Connell, Sister Mary Baptist

Marker actually says “in the 44th year of her age and the 24th year of her Religious Profession.”

O’Connor, James

O’Connor, John

O’Connor, Margaret

O’Hanlon, Margaret

O’Hanlon, Mrs. Margaret

O’Hanlon, Terence

O’Hara, Ellen

O’Hara, Thomas Jerome

O’Keefe, Dennis and Ellen M.

O’Keefe, Mary

O’Sullivan, Thomas

Pittman, Margaret Ann Riley

Poat, Mary K, and Kiernan, Thomas J.

Purcell, John






Quilter, Thomas

Quilter, Timothy F.

Quigley, Margaret Barre  and John (See McKenna, Hon. Wm.)

Reed Monument

Reed, Caroline Emily Kavanagh

Reed, Jackson P. and Oscar J.

Reed, John P. and Mrs. C. E.

Reed, W. Jasper

Reilly, Mary Jane, Julia Ann, John, Bernard, Alice, Nancy Means

Roach, Edward

Roche, Edward James

Roche, Jeremiah McGuinnis

Roche, Margaret

Roche, Mary Ellen

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