Marker Honorable Mentions

It was common in this community in the 1800’s to put additional names besides those of the deceased on grave markers. The additional names could be of parents, children, siblings, spouse, or friends, sometimes giving credit for establishment of the marker.

Since those additional names could be as interesting to history, ancestry, and family researchers as those of the deceased, they are listed alphabetically below, marker name in the last column. To find the exact wording go to the Markers and Epitaphs pages. In some cases the person mentioned has his or her own marker established in memory of his or her death.

     Names other than the deceased on grave markers

Person(s) Mentioned


Name(s) of Deceased

Allen, Richard and Elizabeth Parents of Allen, William
Altos, Dr. E. G. Husband of Louisa Jane Altos
Boland, George ? Elizabeth, Consort of George Boland
Bradley, John W Son of Sarah Bradley
Brenan, Daniel and Lady Parents of Brenan, Charles
Brenan, Roger and Mary Parents of Brenan, Thomas J.
Brennan, James and Catherine Parents of Brennan, John, Naomy, Patrick
Brooks, U. P. & M. E. Parents of Little Marie Brooks
Brown, Wm. And Sarah Parents of Altos, Louisa Jane
Byers, S. Erected marker of Telroy, Bernard T.
Carroll, Church W. Husband of Carroll, Anna Belle Gladney
Collins, John Brother of Collins, Charles
Collins, John & Mary Parents of John Allen Collins
Comerford, Michael Husband of Comerford, Mary E. Dupuy
Coyne, Peter and Sarah Parents of Peter Coyne
Creagh, John & Bridgett Parents of Unnamed Infant Children
Cregan, James & Mary L. Parents of Louisa M. Creyon Flanigan
Creyon, James and Mary Parents of Brenan, Mary S.
Creyon, James and Mary L. Parents of Flanigan, Louisa M. Creyon
Dooly, J. and A. Parents of Dooly, Theresa Anne
Dovilliers, Eugene Husband of Dovilliers, Ellen Brenan
Duffy, John and Mary Parents of Duffy, Catherine
Dunn, James A. and Maggie T. Parents of Dunn, Hugh william
Earley, Margaret Sister of Earley, Thomas
Emlyn, W. N. and W. Parents of Emlyn, Mildred Lucille
Fagon, Patrick and Jane Parents of Leonard, Ellen Fagon
Ferguson, P. J. and Sarah Parents of Ferguson, Laurence Patrick
Flanigan, Patrick H. Husband of Flanigan, Louisa M. Creyon
Gladney, J. Shields Husband of Gladney, Lillie McIntosh
Green, William and Bridget Parents of Green, Wm.
Hannan, Mrs. A. A. Stepmother/Mother of Hannan, Josephine and Clarance Lamotte
Healy, John Brother of Healy, James
Hearne, Matthew and Janett Parents of Hearne, Mary Josephine
Holmes, J. and Bellon Parents of Holmes, Richard J.
Jellico, Eliza and Mary Sisters of Jellico, Joseph
Jennings, Anthony and Marcelia Parents of Jennings, Edward Martin
Keirnan, John M. Husband of Keirnan, Rose
Kelly, D. H. and Eliza Parents of Kelly, Eddie
Kelly, James and Ellen Parents of Kelly, Thomas
Kennaw, William Brother of Robert J. Kennaw
Landers, Ellen erected stone Mary Scanlon
Lee, Wm. and Elizabeth Parent of Lee, Adrian Clement
Lilly, Patrick Brother of Lilly, John
Longinotti, Dominico Brother of Longinotti, Jacob
Longinotti, Jacob Father of Longinotti, Robert W. M.
Lyles, William and Margaret Parents of Lyles, William Edward
Lynch, Conway and Eleanor Parents of Lynch, Anna (Ursuline Postulate)
Lynch, John Husband of Lynch, Francis
Lynch, W. S. and E. M. Parents of Lynch, Annie Elizabeth
Lynch, Walter S. Husband of Lynch, Elizabeth M.
Maher, John J. and Eleanor Parents of Maher, Mary Elloise
McAndrew, Mary Daughter of Ferguson, Rose
McElrone, Hugh Jr. Husband of McElrone, Susan
McGuinnis, Dennis and Mary A. Parents of McGuinnis, Charles, John M., Agnes
McGuire, P and Catherine Parents of McGuire, Maggie
McIntosh, J. S. Husband of McIntosh, Ann
McIntosh, John R. Husband of McIntosh, Anna T. Mahoney
McIntosh, John Stewart and Ann Callan Parents of McIntosh, John Richard
McKenny, Hetty Daughter of Elizabeth Walsh
McKenny, Hetty Daughter of Walsh, Elizabeth
McKiernan, John Husband of McKeirnan, Rose
McLarken, Patrick and Mary Parents of McLarken, Mary Ellen Virginia
Moore, John and Margaret Parents of Moore, Hannah
O’Connor, Bernard Son of O’Connor, Margaret
O’Connor, Margaret H. Wife of O’Connor, James
O’Keefe, Dennis Husband of O’Keefe, Mary
O’Sullivan, Cornelius and Isabel Parents of O’Sullivan, Thomas
Pittman, W. T. Husband of Pittman, Margaret Ann riley
Purcell, Patrick & Catherine Parents of John Purcell
Reed, J. P. Husband of Reed, Caroline Emily Kavanagh
Roche, John and Maria Parents of Roche, jeremiah McGuinnis
Scott, P. and A. Parents of Scott, Mary Jane A. and Mary Anne
Scott, Patrick Husband of Scott, Adaline
Shaw, W. Husband of Shaw, Caroline Agatha
Stack, Edmund and Sarah Leonard Parents of McGuinnis, Catherine Stack
Sweeny, Doyle E. _Catherine Parents of Sweeny, Napoli B.
Thompson, M. and D.G. Parents of Thompson, Jane
Turner, Bernard and Mary Parents of Turner, Rachel Hannorah
Walker, Coleman B. Husband of Walker, Elizabeth A.
Walker, Coleman B. and E. A. Parents of Alston, William
Walker, Coleman B. and Elizabeth Parents of Walker, Mary Ellen
Walsh, Thomas and Elizabeth Parents of Walsh, Michael and Thomas
Wedenfeller, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parents of Wedenfeller, Annie C. and Andrew Jr.
White, Larke and Nancy Parents of Middleton, Mrs. Ann White
Winter, ?? And Bridget Parents of Winter, Mary Ann
Zanony, John and Louisa Parents of Zanony, Benedict J. J. and Thomas S.

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