There is only one small and short-lived Keitt family in the graveyard. Captain Ellison Summerfield Keitt headed up one of six companies in the C.S.A. South Carolina 19th Cavalry Battalion, Kirk’s Battalion.

Apparently the captain married Caroline Mary James Wardlington in January, 1862, both of them 30 years old, and she died only four months later. She is buried alongside “angel daughter Mary Genevieve,” but we have no dates of birth or death for the daughter. The implication seems to be that both died at the birth of Mary Genevieve but that remains for further investigation. Captain Keitt lived to age 79. has consideral information and several links about Ellison Summerfield Keitt.


Engravings on these monuments are easy to read. Mr. and Mrs. Keitt had a very short marriage. The information as copied by the WPA in 1936 is below: