This post doesn’t have anything to do with the art of quilting as far as we know but does have to do with two headstones in the basilica graveyard.

When these markers were documented by the WPA in 1936, one name was interpreted as Guilter and one as Qui?ter. In early 2020, both markers were dirty and difficult to read, but it appeared that the last names on two stones so close (but not too close) to each other and of similar design must be the same and that the most likely correct spelling was Quieter, Thomas on the left and Timothy on the right.

Then we cleaned the stones, and it became obvious that the correct spelling was Quilter. That can be seen in these recent close ups, sun at just the right angle, Thomas again on the left.

To read the WPA epitaphs, go to Quilter in the Markers and Epitaphs.