Markers and Epitaphs (A – C)

Allen, J. Richard, G. Thomas, Edward S.

Allen, Richard, Elizabeth

Allen, William (Same person as on
older headstone below)
J. Elizabeth

Allen, William (Same as William Allen above.)

Alston, William

Walkers buried in this graveyard also.

Altos, Louisa Jane

Note WPA misspelled Altos.

Antonio, Manoel Soisnette and Eleanore Charlotte

WPA had last name as Soisnette.

Bailey, James and Mary Glen

Bauskett, John and Sophia E. Creyon

WPA misspelled Creyon.

Birachi, Mame (No Marker Found)

Bollin, Charles J.

Bollin, Emily

Bradley, Sarah

Brady, Charles and Catherine

Brannan, Elizabeth

Brannan, Mary

Brenan, Charles and Daniel

Brenan, Mary S. Creyon

WPA spelled Brenan incorrectly.

Brenan, Thomas J

Brennan, Albert

Brennan, John, Naomy, Patrick

Brennen, Joseph F.

Brennen, Mary Ann
Brennen, Thos. F.

Brennen, Michael H. (1869)

Brennen, Michael H. (1899)

Brett, James
Brett, Mary M.

Brill, Maria Luise or Mary Louise

Brooks, Little Mamie

Little Mamie youngest child of U.P. & M.E. Brooks Oct 5, 1883 Dec 8, 1884

Browne, Michael Lawrence
Browne, Mary Leonard

Bultman, Lucius L.

Bultman, M. Louise

Bultman, Mary Comerford

Bultman, Willie

Willie, son of Lucius & Mamie Bultman Aged 7 Months

Calvin, Mary

Mary Calvin Born Sept. 4, 1875 Died July 16, 1876

Cantwell, Francis M.

Francis M. Cantwell Born Oct 6 1867 Died Feb 11 1873

Carey, Thomas

Carroll, Anna Belle Gladney

Carroll, William

Casson, William Henry Sr.

Civil, Catherine G. and Jane E.

Civil, Catherine Riley

Catherine Riley Civil Died Feb. 12, 1892. May she Rest In Peace.

Collins, Charles

Collins, John Allen (No Marker Found)

Comerford, Catherine

Comerford, Mary E. Dupuy

Comerford, Thomas and Mary

Comerford, Michael

Conway, John M.

Conway, John M. Born Dec. 27, 1832 Died May 15, 1879

Corcoran, Pat

Costelloe, Wm., McKiernan, Frs., Humphries, W. M., and Hesslin, Ellen

Coyne, Peter

Peter son of Peter and Sarah Coyne age 7 months

Crayon, Mary M. and James

Creagh, Infants (Unnamed)

Erected by John and Bridget Creagh to the memory of their infant children.

Creyon, James
Creyon, James

Cullen, Dr. P. W.

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