There are five Comerfords, listed here in probable order of date of death, buried in the graveyard:

  • Thomas Comerford, husband of Mary, died in 1843 at age 28.
  • Mary Comerford (wife of Thomas) died in 18?8, aged ?? years.
  • Michael Comerford (Mary E. Depuy’s husband), of Ireland, County Meath, died in 1883 at age 85.
  • Catherine Comerford died in 1900 at age 74, “a true Christian and a devoted mother”
  • Mary Comerford (wife of L. Bultman)  died in 1929 at age 60

The monument in the photo to the right was erected by Michael Comerford in memory of his wife Mary Dupuy. On the other three sides are memorials for Catherine Comerford, also his wife, Michael Comerford himself, and Willie Bultman, son of Lucius and Mamie Bultman. The flat grave cover in the foreground is a memorial of Thomas Comerford and his wife, Mary.

The WPA effort in 1936 failed to copy the inscriptions on the flat grave cover on which it is difficult to read the date of Mary Comerford’s death or her age at the time of death. Below are the WPA recorded inscriptions on the four sides of the Cromerford monument.

A different Mary Cromerford, one who lived well into the 20th century, is on a marker side by side with her husband, Lucius L. Bultman. We don’t know the date of death of Willie, son of Lucius, and we have to wonder whether the nickname of this later Mary Cromerford was Mamie. Here are their markers.

The WPA data for Lucius and Mary, along with the only other Bultman in the cemetery, are here. We don’t know if there is any connection between Louise and Lucius, but they could be siblings.

At the House of Names website, there is considerable information about the name Comerford. Included are the Irish background and immigration information about Comerfords.