Just inside the gate at the NE corner of the cemetery and a bit to the right are two monuments to McElrones.  The heavy low one to the left is in memory of Hugh McElrone who lived in three centuries, born in Ireland, County Tyrone, in 1798 and died in Columbia, SC in 1901, at age 103.

The tall memorial to the right has inscriptions on three sides documenting the deaths of nine persons including the centenarian.


The box below is how the inscriptions on the tall monument, now difficult to read, were documented by the WPA in 1936.


A little digging through indicates that Maggie T. Dunn was a granddaughter and I. J. Ivey was an in-law.

Close by and to the left is this marker for Michael McElrone also from County Tyrone, Ireland, but with no other evidence of blood relationship to Hugh. Maybe he was a poor cousin. His date of death makes us wonder if it was war related.