Markers and Epitaphs (S – Z)

Saunders, Edward and Honora

Saunders, Edwd. Junr.

Saunders, Ellen

Saunders, Honoria M

Scanlon, Mary

Scott, Adaline

Scott, Mary Jane A. and Mary Anne

Semple, Patrick

Shaw, Caroline Agatha

Simon (No Marker Found)

Steen, James N. and Nancy Alice

Stoner, James

Sweeny, Napoli B

Sykes, Julia Martin

Talbott, Mary Wade

Taste, John Gabriela (or LaTaste, John Gabriel)

Telroy, Bernard (See Elroy, Bernard T.)

Thompson, Jane (See Dunn, Margaret)

Thornton, Lena Bertha

Troy, Michael

Turner, Rachel Hannorah

Vaughan, Michael

Wade, William

Walker, Cole B. and E. A.

Walker, Elizabeth A

Walker, Mary Ellen

Wallace, Dom’s Jacobus (~1783  – 1851)
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Walsh, Eliza

Walsh, Elizabeth

Walsh, Michael (No Marker Found)

Walsh, Thomas

Wedenfeller, A

Wedenfeller, Annie C. and Andrew Jr.

Wedenfeller, Mary Ann

Wedenfeller, Rev. J. J.

Note name and date of ordination errors in WPA info.
Actual inscription is: In memory of Rev. J. J. Wedenfeller, Born in Columbia, SC, Dec 9, 1856. Ordained in Charleston, SC Dec 23, 1882, died in Charleston, SC July 18th, 1899, in his 43 year. Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, Charleston, SC. St. Joseph’s was known as “The Church of the Irish.” It is believed that Fr. Wedenfeller served St. Peter’s Columbia also but dates are unknown.

Winter, Henry Hugh (H. H. W.)

Winter, Ida F. Turner

Winter, Mary Ann

Zanony, Benedict J. J.

Zanony, Thomas S.

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