O’Connell Family Section

The O’Connell section is fenced and includes three monuments, a headstone, and a broken grave stone. Engraved on those are the names of eight who were being remembered plus three unnamed priests The tallest monument, erected “to well deserving parents by their three sons PRIESTS has the names of Patrick (1858), Anne Wray O’Connell, and “Annie our Sister.” The second largest has the names of Patrick (1875) and Michael. The third largest has the names of L. A. and Mary. Joseph and Julia are on the large headstone, and Mary Baptist is on the broken stone lying on the ground.


Information recorded by the WPA in 1936:

Siblings of Similar Ages

The WPA folks missed the “O’Connell” name on this marker.

The three priests mentioned in the marker below are the sons of Patrick: Jeremiah Joseph, Laurence P., and Joseph Patrick. Priest grandson, Denis Joseph, was only nine years old when his grandfather died.

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O’Connell Name Information.