Markers and Epitaphs (M)

MacNamara, Robert S.

Maher, Mary Elloise

Martin, Mary E. and Sykes, Julia Martin

McAndrew, Mrs. James, John, Thomas, William C., James, Mary, James

McAndrew, James

McArdel, Marc

McCants, Catherine (See Reilly, Mary Jane)

McCarthy, Eliza

McCormick, William

McDonald, Jane

McEgan, Daniel, Owen and Thomas

McElrone, Hugh (Individual Marker)

McElrone, James, Kate, Hugh, Sarah, Susan, Lula, Katey Family Marker

McElrone, Michael

McGraugh, Patrick

McGuinnis, Charles, John M., and Agnes

McGuinnis, Catherine Stack and William (1874)

McGuinnis, J. C.

McGuinnis, William (1876)

McGuinniss, John

McGuinniss, Michael

McGuinniss,  Winifred

McGuire, Maggie (No Marker Found)

McIntosh, Ann, wife of J. S. McIntosh

McIntosh, Anna T. Mahoney

McIntosh, John McKenzie

McIntosh, John Richard

McKeirnan, Owen

McKiernan, Frs. (See Costelloe, Wm.)

McKeirnan, Rose

McKenna, Catherine Dwire and John

McKenna, Charles, John James, and Ellen

McKenna, Hon. Wm.

McKenny, Michael and Mary Ellen

McKiernan, Frs. (See Costelloe)

McLarken, Mary Ellen Virginia

McMannis, Timothy

McNamee, Bernard and Susan

McQueen, Donald

Middleton, Mrs. Ann White

Moore, Hannah (N0 Marker Found)

Moore, Margaret

Mulligan, Andrew (No Marker Found)

Mulvaney, William

Munro, Robert J.

Murphy, Nicholas A.

Murphy, Msgr. Martin C.

Murray, James

Murray, Patrick

Murry, Michael

My Wife, My Son

Myers, Mary and Mary T.

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